Why Go For A Non-Invasive Treatment

Operations and surgery can terrify potential cosmetic surgery patients, mainly because of the pain. Which is why many of these terrified individuals prefer to forego their plans for cosmetic procedures. But the good news is, these patients would have alternative solution to solve their cosmetic woes without going under the knife. Non-invasive cosmetic treatment is […]

Dubai is Clean

One of the things that is considered to be close to a deadly sin is to through garbage on the streets and to behave like that is some kind of normal behavior. Islam religion has always been very clear when it came to filth. It is just not acceptable. As well as Muslims are known […]

Eating and Drinking During Ramadan

During the wholly month of Ramadan people of Muslim religion take on a fast. It is very special and interesting tradition. From the dawn till the sunset one shouldn’t eat or drink. Smoking and consuming alcohol is strictly forbidden.  Everything is much quieter during the day. People are calmed and more than nice to each […]