How Auditing Can Help Your Recruitment Policies

Recruitment is an integral part of any company as this is where you select the best pool of talents that would provide excellent services to your clients. Your manpower can determine your standing in the industry.

But sometimes, your human resource and recruitment policies can cause setbacks for the company due to certain reasons like outdated procedures and systems. To tweak and polish your hiring and retention system, audit firms in UAE conduct function audit that can help with improving your HR and recruitment.

  • Review the sourcing strategies and hiring process

Excellent recruitment starts with proper sourcing of candidates. HR personnel use different channels to look for potential candidates. One of the problems that most HR personnel encounter is that they exhausted all the channels. What the function audit does is to help the human resource team look into unexplored recruitment channels and see how they can maximize this to their advantage.


In terms of the hiring process, auditors look on how the hiring and selection is done and point of weaknesses in the process that can be improved.


  • Check for outdated skillset and job descriptions

Skillset and job descriptions are constantly changing as it adapts to the changes in business needs. However, there are instances that this part of the human resources is overlooked which result to discrepancies in skills that the candidate possess and the skills that the company needs.


During the function audit, auditors review the current skillset of employees versus skillset needed for efficient operation. Through this, the human resources can formulate new job descriptions that fits the company requirements.


  • Analyze your retention policies

High retention rates equates to stability of the company. It also speaks of the capability of the company to take good care of employees. But if the attrition rate is high, it can mean that an organization does not have the means to keep excellent subordinates under their wing.


With a function audit, audit firms in Dubai examine thoroughly what causes the increase in attrition rate and suggest ways on how to remedy it. This could mean looking into employee policies and guidelines, current compensation package provided by the company vs. the industry standards, and whether the human resources have outstanding activities that promotes employee engagement.


  • Suggest tools that can help streamline and improve recruitment process

Human resources, like any other departments in a company, should be able to keep up with the times not just in terms of ideologies, but also in terms of technology. Function auditors provide a set of tools that can help them adapt with the changing recruitment atmosphere and to increase their efficiency as a department.