4 Hacks To Lower Electric Bill Of Your Dining Business

Utilities is probably one of the most expensive business expense that you need to tackle and wrestle with every month. Without proper management, your utilities might shoot up to the roof and disrupt your cash flow.

To help you cut corners and save some pennies, here are some ways to lower your restaurant’s electric bill

  • Keep everything clean

Yes, keeping the space clean can help you conserve energy. A clean business space with clean equipment can lower your electricity use. A dirty and unmaintained equipment will need to work double time to serve its purpose. This would mean that it will also use more electricity to work efficiently. By cleaning your equipment, you are prolonging the life of your kitchen equipment and also lessen the bill.


Another example is the kitchen duct. The kitchen ducts and exhaust are responsible for filtering air in the room. Overtime, they become dirty and clogged. The soot and grime can spread through the room and affect your AC. Be sure to have it cleaned by a trusted company that provides kitchen duct cleaning in Dubai. Not only it will help lower your bill, it can also help prevent fire accidents in the kitchen from happening.


  • Remind your staff to mind the use of electricity

Your employees are part of the grand scheme to lower your electric bill. Since they are the ones on the ground, they are the primary individuals who are utilizing the electricity. At times, they are not mindful that they contribute to the increase of electricity consumption.


It would be best to explain to them the importance of conserving energy and electricity and what are the ways they can help on lowering it. As simple as turning off the lights when not in use will be a big help.


  • Make it a habit to unplug

Another way to conserve energy is to plug after the shift. Beside the refrigerator and the alarm system that needs to run 24/7, you can unplug the rest of the appliances after shift. Leaving these equipment plug in can contribute to the increase of electric consumption and also an unprecedented rise of your electric bill.


  • Use energy-efficient lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of your establishment, but you also need to be wise on the fixture you are using. It is strongly recommended to use light bulbs and fixtures that are made of LED or CFL which use less energy and power.


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