Simple Tips On Making Your Workspace Spotless At All Times

Office cleanliness is not a one-time thing that should be implemented once in a blue moon. Some may think that it is tedious work and people are too busy to keep the space spotless, it is important to every space and can affect a number of aspect of an employee’s work life.

Although office cleanliness is a task you assigned to your trusted cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, you and your employees can do these little office cleanliness trick to keep their own workspace clean:

  • Assign someone to keep track of the office cleanliness

Companies have office policies that employees should abide to. The problem is, most of them forget what the manual says. It would be best if you have someone that can remind them of these rules. If they are constantly being reminded, then they will have no excuse to not clean their workstations. If you don’t have time to remind them, ask your one of your subordinates to do it for you. It time, it would be a habit.


  • Put a trash can on each cubicle

One of the reasons why employees dump their trash everywhere because there are trash cans on their workstation. By putting trash bins on each cubicle, they have no reason to throw it on the floor or leave it on their desks.


  • Provide cubicles shelves for office files and stuff

Cluttered office files on the floor is the main cause of office accidents. They are also an obstruction on the office pathway. To discourage employees from letting their office stuff lying on the floor, provide them with shelves under their desks. The shelves will serve as their storage space where they can put their stuff. It would also be best to provide lockers so they have space to store their personal things when they are in the office.


  • Promote end of week clean desk policy

Modern offices nowadays apply this rule. Every end of the week, employees will be tasks to ensure that their workstations, specifically their desks, are free of anything – may it be clutter or personal things. This would cut the time of the office cleaning services in Dubai that you hire to clean the space. They don’t have to tackle on clutter left by your employees on their desks and they can focus more on other areas that needs their attention.


  • Reward those who promote cleanliness

One way to encourage employees to participate in your office cleanliness program is through rewards. By recognizing their participation, you are acknowledging their dedication on keeping their workstations clean and they are setting a good example to others.