Benefits of British Curriculum Schools

Getting your children registered in the best British schools in Dubai is like a millstone for many parents because of the long waiting lists, particularly for primary classes. The reason behind this registration competition is high-quality education, better focus due to small campuses and reduced class-sizes and better utilization of multi-cultural environment that mean your child can easily adjust in English environment where he can develop language and communication skills more quickly and effectively with the help of attentive and qualified teachers.

British curriculum schools teach your child English literature and vocabulary and make them fluent in spoken English as well. There are also some American, French and German curriculum-based schools which also provide their services in Dubai to the foreign citizens who don’t want to adopt any second or third language for their children and have future plans of resettling in their native countries. Choosing a second language for your child’s education is a tough decision because it takes lots of time and efforts of both parents and a child to adopt full accent and vocabulary of a new language. It is better for parents to make this decision very early in child’s life and prepare him or her from primary education to start getting familiar with the second language. It’s quite unrealistic to expect a teenager to adopt and integrate with new education system and a new language without his or her interest.

All subjects including English, science, math, computer, and electives are designed in British curriculum to maintain quality standards of education for higher studies as well as better adjustment of students in case of shifting to any other country. Many centers and campuses provide additional language coaching and tuition to increase child’s acceptability towards new language and standard of school’s education system.

British schools are particular about other curricular activities too and maintain spectacular grounds, playing fields and a swimming pool for overall child health and brain development. They also encourage students to participate in sports and other non-academic events like stage programs, debates and IQ competitions to facilitate them for future competitions and career choice. The primary age of selecting a child for beginners is age of three years with Cambridge IGCSE exams at the age of 16. They also offer kindergarten and nursery education for children between 18 months and 2.8 years old. Students should wear a uniform for synchronization and uniformity without color, culture or language differences. It is highly discouraged to discriminate any student due to his or her race or any inequality.

It is highly recommended to register your children in the best British schools in Dubai for better future prospects and confidence building.