Home Maintenance Schedule Every Homeowner Should Follow

Maintaining our home is a task, and a big one. Lots of homeowners dread the day they need to do such big maintenance. But to make things a little easier, having a home maintenance schedule or checklist would help you to sort things out:

  • Monthly

Monthly home maintenance is for small tasks to ensure that everything is working perfectly in your system. Nothing that big is required on this schedule. One of the main tasks on your monthly checklist would be checking the HVAC filters and duct cleaning, especially for big household with pets. Ducts and HVAC filter accumulate lots of dirt in a month so be sure to get them cleaned. Get the help of expert HVAC and duct cleaning for your ac in Dubai to help you with this chore.

For smaller families having your duct and HVAC cleaned every 2-3 months is the ideal schedule. You can also include some cleaning during this maintenance schedule such as cleaning your kitchen sink disposal and hood filters.


  • Every four months

Quarterly cleaning is considered as seasonal cleaning (depending on the location) as you need to do some maintenance before the next season starts. For places that are humid and hot, you need to ensure that your AC system is working properly. It would be best if you can get the help of an AC repair man or electrician in Dubai to repair damage AC or replaced spare parts.

It is also the time check your water system for old pipes that needs replacement or for small leaks that needs immediate fixing. You can also so do some garage door checking to see if your garage door is still working seamlessly.


  • Every six months

Biannual cleaning is for the bigger task like home deep cleaning. Homeowners always do a weekly cleaning to ensure the space is tidy. But that is just surface cleaning. Deep cleaning would involve sanitizing the whole space and cleaning even the hidden corners of the house. If you have a big space, better call in a professional house cleaning service to help you with this kind of ordeal. It would also be best to check your appliance around this time.

  • Yearly

Annual home maintenance are mostly reserve for big task like renovation and home repainting. Homeowners need to prepare for this task is it can be a big one. For instance, the home repainting. You need to prepare the space and contact an excellent painting services to paint and cover all the walls that needs major repainting.