Homeowner’s Guide on Modern Demolition Techniques

Sometimes in order to create an awesome structure, you need to demolish the current one. Same with home renovation, at times, you need to destroy one space to be able to accommodate the new design.

If you are thinking of having a certain part of your residence for the whole one demolished for renovation, read at some of the modern techniques:

  • Mechanical


Mechanical demolition is a type demolition that use heavy machinery to tear down a partition. However this kind of demolition is good for tearing the whole structure down. Mostly using hydraulic excavators and drills, the demolition team and drilling companies in Dubai will sweep the residence with their machines leaving no structure standing. This type of demolition is the fastest and probably the cheapest.


However, it is also the messiest. Expect debris all over the place. You may need to contact a trailer or dumpster company to clean up all the mess.


  • Deconstruction


Deconstruction is also known as “demolition by hands”. Basically, the concept is, you will manually strip your home, putting down the furnishings one by one and piece by piece. A demolition team can also do this, but some homeowners prefer to do this on their own. The main reason why most owner like this kind of demolition is because they want to save some of the furnishing for reuse and recycle. The downside of this kind of demolition is that it can take time, especially if you will be doing this on your own. And it is also more expensive than the mechanical demolition. But on the bright side, you will not only salvage some things but also there will be less debris to clean up.


  • Combo


If you want to do it fast and salvage some of your things, you can do a combo of mechanical and deconstruction. What the demo team would do is to disassemble and stripped the desirable furnishings for reuse. Once the house is stripped, the mechanical demolition may begin.


  • Cutting


Cutting is a new way of demolishing a structure. Usually, this type of demolition is ideal for demolishing just a part of the house not the whole residence. It also uses machinery, but not as big as what the mechanical demolition team used. Companies that offering services like concrete cutting in UAE use cutting saw to cut the concrete slabs and other material. It is less messy and also would not compromise the integrity of the partition.