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5 Kitchen Design Blunders That You Need To Avoid

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Your kitchen is an important space. It is where you prepare your meal and one of busiest areas in the house. Hence, it is a must that you get the design right. However, design blunders can happen along the way, especially if it is your first time to design the space.

Should you decide to do it again, experts in penthouse interior design provided a list of design mishaps you need to avoid at all cost:

  • Not taking the right measurement

This is definitely one of the most common mistakes that first-time interior designers commit. It is important that you take the right measurement and dimensions of the space so you can create a layout that would is suitable to the area. It is also imperative that you get the right measure so you can choose the right kitchen furnishings and appliances. So, if you feel that your measurement is off, do it again. Double-check the space and keep in mind to use measuring materials. Relying simply on your hands to measure the space will not cut it.

  • Not thinking how you work in the kitchen

As mentioned, the kitchen is probably one of the most used space inside the property, so the functionality of the space is imperative. Be sure that you take into account how you move and work inside your kitchen. Your kitchen space should not just please the eyes but it should also serve the purpose. Learn to balance the look and the functionality of the space.

  • Not safe-proofing the space

Since it is the most used space in the residence, it is imperative that kitchen is safe for use. Do not take this element for granted. Be sure to install safe-proofing gears. Also, be cautious on choosing your furnishings. Be sure that they are durable and safe to use inside the space.

  • Making the design too complicated

As much as you want the design to be complex and intricate, it might backfire in the end. This kind of design theme is not only too expensive to accomplish, but it is also hard to clean and maintain. Try to keep your kitchen space as simple as possible.

  • Making the space too generic

Although it is bad to make your kitchen space design too complicated, it is also criminal to make the space too generic. Try to infuse your personal style in the area, so you can showcase your personality in every corner.


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