How to name children as POA

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If you are having trouble in deciding who your agent should be in order to carry out power of attorney UAE, then look no further as we suggest you to make your children as one. This is a very common POA agent option that we have heard people considering. Clients choose their children as agents instead of their spouse because there is a high chance that their spouse may also be facing the same problems and incapability as you because of their age colliding with yours. Children are considered to be the heirs as they will be eventually taking over the business, finances and decisions so it is better if you start handing those responsibilities from now. But make sure that children are above the age of 18 to handle responsibilities better in a mature way. If your children are obedient, honest, respectful and capable of making fair decisions then they can be the best example and choice for a power of attorney.

Though for some people this is a bad option when they are parent to more than one or more children. You can appoint only one power of attorney which may create internal family conflicts as it may suggest favouring one child over the other. This is a kind of decision that can’t be made in a hurry or taken lightly; you must think thoroughly before taking any step as one wrong person can ruin the agreement. If children are not fully aware of the seriousness of matter or they are irresponsible not completely familiar with the finances it can put the business in jeopardy. The wrong person will also be capable of ‘license to steal’ considering the agreement which allows the client’s bank account’s access to their agent. This information can be used against the clients and the money can be used for wrongful actions not fulfilling the purpose of POA.

Every child has their own skills and talents in different fields. The good news is that, you can appoint each child in different fields of POA keeping their capabilities under consideration that can help you in keeping every child busy according to the place that they are expert in. You need to take the decisions very carefully and ask for your children’s advice and how they would like to help and assist.

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