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Tell-tale Signs That You Need A New Translator

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Accurate translation is essential for some businesses, which is why they would like to get the best in the industry. But there are times when companies get bad apples and experience the worse service. If your translator is doing the following below, then it is high time to ditch him.

  • Inaccurate translations

One of the main reasons why you hire a translation company is to provide you with accurate translation, whether you are looking for a Russian Arabic translation Dubai firm or other languages. If you find yourself being bombarded by lots of complaints from clients or being called to clarify the translated documents you sent more often, then it is high time to change your translation firm for a new one.


  • Not meeting the agreed timeline

Businesses work on a time table and it is imperative that your translation company Dubai partner would do the same. They need to submit the documents on time and ensure the quality of the translation is at par despite the tight schedule. They should also inform and update the clients on any delays prior to the agreed deadline. If your translator is often behind deadlines or submitting substandard translation just to meet the deadline, then it is a must that you find a new translation firm that can provide you the service you want on time.


  • Limited languages and services offered

As much as possible, you want to get a translation supplier that offers an array of services, especially with language translations. If you are running a global company, you need a translation firm that provides a number of language translations, even the complicated ones. If your translation company cannot provide you with the language translation that you need or offers the same services over and over again, then it would be best to look for an alternative that can best service you.


  • Unreasonable rates

Companies are always looking into companies that provide competitive rates to their clients. Translation companies that have unreasonable rates for their services should be avoided at all cost. Try to compare prices whenever you subscribe to a translation service company. It gives you a better idea which of these firms offer reasonable rates for their services alongside quality service.


  • Absences of business permits

Illegal translation companies are rampant in the market. They may look attractive at first glance since they offer lower rates than the legit ones. But there is danger on subscribing to this kind of company as you will zero guarantee if they screw their services. If the company cannot provide proper papers, turn down their proposal.