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What Are The Roles Of A Document Translator

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The translator is the person behind any translated document. They are responsible for ensuring that articles are understood in whatever language they are translated.

But aside from translations, they are also playing different roles to fulfill their jobs and even do more what they asked for. Here are some of the roles they play:

  • Translate documents literally and contextually


The main role of a translator is to translate. However, they need to ensure that they are able to capture the essence of the document and the context of message the document is trying to convey. Translating the documents literally is easy, but the hard part would be trying to translate the circumstantial message behind the document. An excellent translator looks beyond the words and the letters and could read between the lines.


  • Verify the veracity of the translated document


The devil is in the details, and this holds true in translation. Missing a single detail or tweaking a certain element in a document would gravely compromise the document and might cause confusion for the intended audience. Which is why companies providing legal translation in Dubai are extra-cautious on the documents they translate. They provide space for translators to understand complicated details and allot time for research so they can thoroughly translate sensitive documents without mistakes.


  • Ensure the confidentiality of the document


There are certain documents that is not for public consumption. If these documents fall into the hands of wrong people, it can be used against the aggrieved entity. So the translator who are holding highly confidential files are sworn to confidentiality. But even though they signed a confidentiality waiver, they are expected to keep mum on the details of the documents related to financial statements translation or legal documents that subject to translation.


  • Provide comments on parts of the manuscript that are not clear


Translators are expected to be proactive, especially of it pertains to their jobs. If there are parts of the manuscript that are not clear, they should take the initiative to inform the client and ask for clarifications. A smooth and open communications between two parties will ensure the success of the translation project.

  • Incorporates comments from the client without sacrificing translation quality


The client is expected to provide feedback to initial drafts of translation. It is the job of the translator to incorporate these comments but also to ensure that it will not sacrifice the quality of the translation. The translator should also be straightforward on telling the client that certain feedbacks are not allowed to be implemented as not to compromise the translation quality.