How To Help Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety In Nursery School

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How To Help Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety In Nursery School

Separation anxiety is a common issue for children when starting nursery school. It is a normal part of a child’s development, but it can be difficult for both the child and the parent. Here are some tips on how to help your child overcome separation anxiety in nurseries in JLT Dubai.

Prepare your child

Before starting nursery school:

1. Prepare your child for the new experience.

2. Talk to them about what to expect and how much fun they will have.

3. Visit the school beforehand, meet the teacher, and explore the classroom.

This can help your child feel more comfortable and familiar with the new environment.

Establish a goodbye ritual

Establish a daily goodbye ritual you and your child can do when you drop them off at nursery school. This can be a special handshake, a hug, or a kiss. Make it fun and reassuring for your child to look forward to and anticipate.

Stick to a routine

Establishing a routine can help your child feel more secure and less anxious. Set a schedule for drop-off and pick-up times, meals, naps, and activities. This can help your child feel more in control of the situation and more confident in the day’s routine.

Stay positive

Stay upbeat when dropping your child off at nursery school. Children pick up on their parent’s emotions, so if you are anxious or upset, your child is more likely to be as well. Instead, offer encouragement and praise for your child’s bravery in attending nursery school.

Provide comfort objects

Provide your child with a comfort object, such as a favorite toy or blanket. This can help them feel more secure and remind them of home at school. Ensure the comfort object is allowed in the classroom and labeled with your child’s name.

Encourage independence

Please encourage your child’s independence by allowing them to do things for themselves, such as putting on their shoes or carrying their backpack. This can help them feel more confident and capable, reducing separation anxiety.

Stay connected

Stay connected with the nursery school by communicating with the teacher and attending school events. This can help you stay informed about your child’s progress and make you feel more involved in the school community.