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Simple Things That You Can Do To Protect Your Vehicle

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Regular maintenance checks and repairs are part of a car owner’s upkeep routine. These thorough car checks help car owners to prolong the lifespan of their vehicle and also keep it from running smoothly.

But more than the maintenance checks, there are still some things that a car owner can add to his car care list to ensure that their automobiles will last long and will provide them the optimum performance needed whenever you are on the road:

  • Buy gas on legit franchises

Some car owners do not mind where they fill their tanks. For this type of car owners, the important thing is they top off their tanks and get on the road. But the quality of the gas that you put in your vehicle can affect its performance and its lifespan. Car gas being offered by these shady gas stations may not be suitable for your vehicle or it is a counterfeit. Just to be on the safe side, go to a reputable gas station for refills. You also need to get your car checked should you suspect that an unclean gasoline is loaded into your vehicle.


  • Keep the parts primed

Car parts are susceptible to wear and tear if regularly used. Be sure to replace parts that are damaged and beyond repair. It would be best if you can have a list of car parts suppliers that you can go to in case you needed one – from car paints to EBC brakes dealer. Pick a trusted dealer that can supply you with all the car parts you need. You may also want to get a contact of a trusted mechanic to do the repairs, replacements, and maintenance.


  • Lighten your car keys

There are some people who want all their keys in one key chain, for a good reason. They don’t want to be bothered by too many key chains on their pockets. But for your car, do make an exception. Loading too many keys on your car key chain can put stress on the ignition once you start the car, leading to wearing down of tumblers and ignition switch failure.


  • No to tire moisture

When putting air on our tires, we don’t usually check if there is moisture on the inflator valve. But not doing so can be dangerous for your tires as the moisture can corrode with your rims, making it susceptible to damage and deterioration.


  • Think ahead

Car fires do not happen too often, but still, it can happen. It wouldn’t hurt to prepare for such eventuality. Install alcon brake discs to deter car fires and prevent related losses should it happen.