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Deep Sea Fishing Tips For First-Timers

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Seasoned deep sea fishing aficionados sure know the thrills associated with this adventurous activity, but if you are planning to embark on this activity for the first time, it’s indispensable that you use a charter or seek the company of an experienced individual. A charter company takes care of your fishing license while accompanying an experienced expert makes sure that you are directed to the most viable spots. However, if you are in the throes of discovering the best deep sea fishing in Dubai deals, here are a few tips to make sure that you have a hitch-free day as you revel in the awe-inspiring scenery:

Know The Tide Schedules And Weather-Forecast

Unpleasant weather and choppy seas are the biggest bane of deep sea fishing, so make sure to check the tide schedules and weather forecast before heading out to the sea, in order to avoid any unnecessary surprises. Having a rough time while out on the sea, might ruin your enjoyment.

Make Sure You Have A License

Whether you are planning a deep sea fishing tour with your family and friends or on your own, you need to have a proper license that will permit you to fish in all the sought-after regions open to public fishing. To glean more information pertaining to the license, contact your local wildlife commission. While Dubai fishing trips prices are often a notch up, your license is taken care of.

Learn How To Tie A Knot

This skill is the great divide between catching a fish that you can later enjoy and the ones that know how to elude your grip. Learn to tie knots before heading out on this activity and your chances of success will increase manifolds.

Be Knowledgeable About Different Types Of Fishes

When purchasing tackles and baits, it is important to have a rudimentary knowledge of the different species of fishes that you might be hoping to catch. Learn what kinds of bait are suitable for a particular fish, where a certain species is most likely to be discovered, and make sure to begin your fishing excursion in a nearby reef since reefs are often frequented by larger fishes, coming down to pray on the smaller fishes residing there.

Look For Birds

If you are lucky, you might find smaller fishes near the surface or out in the open water coming out to find food. They are often tailed by bigger fishes that you can actually catch. To find such patches of the sea, keep an eye out for seabirds feeding on fish at the surface of the water. Let the birds be your guide and share the feast!