How to host a Cocktail Party

Cocktail party is the party in which a variety of cocktails are served. It mainly acts as a supporting time pass to occupy the guests till the major event starts. That event can be some wedding party or birthday party. But at some places, it can be a well-organized party itself. Now if you are […]

6 important things to include in a wedding

Your weddings are the most significant time of your life as the moments are cherished for the rest of your lives. Preparing a checklist can be as hard as you need to manage all the things in a given time-frame such as ordering things like chocolates online Dubai. It all actually depends on your needs […]

How to encourage interactive learning in schools

There is nothing more important than encouraging interactive learning in schools and not many people understand it. The more you will create a learning atmosphere in school the better you will be able to ensure the active learning that would help in the mental and intellectual growth of the child. Therefore, it is extremely important […]

5 Tricks To Help Your Kids Study Better

For some kids, learning their lessons is a natural thing for them. They can easily pick up the cues and keep in mind important information to help them remember crucial topics. However, there are some kids who find it a challenge to remember what they learn in school. If your kid is in this category, […]

4 Tips On Choosing Your Office Decor

Your business place is not just a place of work. It is a place that represents your brand and house the things that matter to your business – from competent employees to creative ideas. Given its importance, the look and feel of your office space must also play the part.   One thing to make […]

Benefits of waxing

For centuries, women have been doing everything they possibly can to enhance their exterior beauty. And there is one major problem that each one of them had the misfortune of facing, unwanted facial and body hair. There are various methods used to remove body hair, but waxing sticks out as the most efficient way of […]

ABVC keeps your pets happy!

Owning a pet, though apparently quite ordinary, is one huge responsibility; a responsibility you can’t take lightly. Your pet depends on you for the fulfillment of its daily demands; you have to feed it properly and that too on time, have to spend at least a couple of hours with it, and teach it where […]

Eating and Drinking During Ramadan

During the wholly month of Ramadan people of Muslim religion take on a fast. It is very special and interesting tradition. From the dawn till the sunset one shouldn’t eat or drink. Smoking and consuming alcohol is strictly forbidden.  Everything is much quieter during the day. People are calmed and more than nice to each […]