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Dubai is Clean

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One of the things that is considered to be close to a deadly sin is to through garbage on the streets and to behave like that is some kind of normal behavior. Islam religion has always been very clear when it came to filth. It is just not acceptable. As well as Muslims are known to be very clean and taking serious care of their hygiene, they also want their surroundings to be clean. The Law is very strict about it. In the past one could end up in jail for a long time if it was determined that they were deliberately and carelessly throwing garbage and other stuff on the street.

That is complementary with the general treatment and laws about pets and their presence in the public. Western world is totally different; there are so many stories about people walking around in Paris or Berlin or any of the European metropolises and just stepping into dog feces. That is something that is almost impossible to happen in Dubai.

When twenty years ago expats started “invading” Dubai they kind of took some of their nasty European habits with them to UAE. The government was aware of the fact that they can’t just go around and punish people because they are coming from different traditions and background. So there were some subtle methods to train them into being more caring and ecologically aware. Wherever you looked you could see signs, posters, build boards, drawings for kids and even animated spots of how to conduct when it comes to garbage disposal, or how to behave when you take your do out for a walk. They even organized seminars in the firms where, among other things, they would talk about that too.

It was important to make sure that all this expats behave according to rules of the country they entered, because the country needed them and they needed this country, and everything had to work out.

Dubai is the city with the great environmental awareness and the scientists are constantly making new ways to decrease the pollution, industrial waste amount and to recycle as much as possible. The things are getting automated and electrified more and more and even the richest people in the UAE are more often deciding to by electric cars instead of the gas ones. That kind of awareness is crucial in terms of keeping the Earth healthy. Dubai is the city that thins about the future.