All about vape juices and their ingredients

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Nicotine and its smell is everywhere. You will fine capers everywhere on the street. In past, there was trend of cigars, tobacco and sheesha but, now, there is the trend nic salts, e-cigarette, vape pods and vape juice. 

Do you what is vape juice? What picture is being made in your mind once you heard it? Are you blank or you are not aware of it? Have you ever heard this word? Have you seen it on internet? Do you want to know what it is and how is it in shops? If you do not have idea and if you really want to know then this article is for you!

What is vape juice?

Vape juice is basically a replacement of tobacco and cigars. It contain nicotine, food grades, vegetable glycerine or propylene glycerol. The juice can have any amount nicotine according to the requirement of the customer. Yet, its food grade and glycerine or glycerol are not harmful. The juice can have either vegetable glycerine (VG) or propylene glycerol (PG). There are many vape shops in Dubai beside the availability of e-cigarettes in Abu Dhabi!

What is Vegetable Glycerine used in Vape Juice?

The juice can have either PG or VG. Using VG is great in many ways. It gives thickness to vape juice because of its denser composition that result in production of more vapors and thick vapors. Besides, VG gives sweet taste to the vape juice that make it more addictive. The chemical make the vape juice or e-liquid less harmful for throat because it does not let the juice to hot on throat more. 

What is the significance of Propylene Glycerol or PG in Vape Juice? 

PG has its own significance. The glycerol has thinner denser composition due to which their elements and molecules can be absorbed by atomizer which result less production of residue. So, you money would not be wasted more. Besides, propylene glycerol has no taste; therefore, it has zero effect on the taste of vape juice. Moreover, the glycerol hit better on throat and cigar livers love this sensation. 

Why there is food grade?

Food grade gives flavor to your vape juice or e-liquid. The flavor and its ingredients are not harmful due to which it make the juice less dangerous and more addictive. The grade has nicotine as well. The nicotine is added according to the preference of customers.

So, this is all about vape juice and its ingredients which you should know Iā€™d you are cigarette lovers and want to try something new in nicotine world.