5 Tricks To Help Your Kids Study Better

2 min read

For some kids, learning their lessons is a natural thing for them. They can easily pick up the cues and keep in mind important information to help them remember crucial topics.

However, there are some kids who find it a challenge to remember what they learn in school. If your kid is in this category, do not fret. There is nothing wrong with your kid. He/she just need a little push from you to help them study their lessons better. Here are some study hacks from a top nursery in Dubai to help your kid do better in school.

  • Know your kid’s learning style

Every kid has their own way of learning things. It can be through experience, practical application, or writing down the words. To be able to help them study their lessons, it would be best if you can discover your kid’s learning style. By doing this, you will have the capacity to guide them when they are doing their homework or have an upcoming test.

  • Create a mock up test for your kid

Another way to help your kid study their lessons and know for sure that they learned something is to create a mock-up test based on their lessons. Do not use the exact Q&A on your kid’s books. You need to formulate your own questions and create situational questions where your kid can explain their answers and apply what they know. This will help your kid prepare for a big test and he/she will have an idea how to answer essay questions.

  • Make learning a fun activity

Learning and doing assignments can be a chore for some kids. Their perception of the activity will affect how they perform. It would be best to add a bit of fun on the learning process to engage kids and make them more enthusiastic to study. You can put some games or go for rewards system that will make them more excited to study their lessons.

  • Encourage breaks in between

Learning can be taxing, especially if your kids are studying for a big test. Try to insert some breaks in between to refresh your kid’s minds. This would help them to study their lessons better and remember important information.

  • Do not pressure them

Pushing your kids to do better is good at a certain level. But when it is too much, it can be detrimental to your kid’s study habits. It would be best to know when to back off and when to guide them.

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