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Eating and Drinking During Ramadan

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During the wholly month of Ramadan people of Muslim religion take on a fast. It is very special and interesting tradition. From the dawn till the sunset one shouldn’t eat or drink. Smoking and consuming alcohol is strictly forbidden.  Everything is much quieter during the day. People are calmed and more than nice to each other. It is the month in which taking care of the children is very important. It is not allowed to yell at them or to beat them. Only few years ago one could get arrested if caught smoking on the street or having a rink. It is much different today.

It is impossible to close down the city such as a Dubai just because of Ramadan, so they found a way to make it work for all. Molls are opened from sunset till dawn; many public places like restaurants, shops or boutiques stay opened even during the day. They screen them off so the people that are not Muslims could have a drink or catch a bite.

Hotels on the beach are almost absolutely independent because they are packed with tourists twelve months a year, and they are not placed downtown sort of speak, so it doesn’t bother anyone if people drink alcohol and eat there during the day.

The nicest thing about Ramadan is Iftar. Iftar is a custom of eating after the sunset. It is very nice and it attracts people from all over to approach the table and help themselves. During the Ramadan charity and helping the poor and unprotected is very important, so many of Muslim people all over the world take the tables in front of their houses and feed everyone who passes by. It is the same in Dubai.

People from all over the world love Iftar time in Dubai. Every hotel has its own buffet. It is more business-like than it used to be many years ago because they will charge you some money for the food, but it will still be cheaper than eating in a restaurant or ordering some food. Everything is very delicious and colorful.  While you get served they will explain you what are you about to taste and how it’s made.

You will not only eat this delicious food and socialize with people during Ramadan and Iftar, but you will also learn so much about Islam and Muslim tradition and about respecting others and their cultural inheritance.